Do you guarantee the services and work performed by Persian Rug Cleaning?

All of our professional cleaning services come with a 30-day guarantee. If you find yourself unhappy or unsatisfied by the work provided by our Persian Rug Cleaners technicians, call us and we will schedule a re-do service at the earliest possible time.

How many technicians should I expect to see at my home?

The number of technicians we dispatch to your home depends on the size of the job. We dispatch one technician for a relatively simple service and up to three technicians for a more complicated or large-scale service.

How soon can I expect a technician to arrive at my home?

We dispatch a technician to your home at your earliest possible convenience. However, the exact arrival time depends on the availability of technicians in your immediate area. We usually dispatch a Persian Rug Cleaning team member on the same day you call or the next day.

Where is Persian Rug Cleaning located?

We serve Manhattan neighborhoods and surrounding areas. We dispatch all our technicians from our nearest location to you.

Do you provide drop-off or pick-up service for area rugs?

At present, we do not have customer drop-off services available. When you need a rug cleaning service, our technicians come to your home, pick up the rug and deliver it clean to your home at no additional cost.

Do you use non-toxic products?

Yes. We firmly believe in the protection of your health and that of the environment. We refuse to use any chemical-based, harmful product on any of your home furnishing, carpets or area rugs.

We use only certified green products approved by the EPA and other environmental protection agencies and watch dogs.