Persian Rug Cleaning

A Traditional, Valuable Clean

At Persian Rug Cleaning of Manhattan, we specialize in cleaning your precious piece completely and professionally. We remove all stains, dirt and allergens trapped deep in the knots of your rug.

We come with backed with years of both traditional technique and industry experience. As a true Persian family owned business, rug care runs in our blood.

Our team of expert technicians works with precision and extreme care to clean your rug. We deliver reliable and beautiful results that you can see, touch and smell.

Traditional Meets Modern Process

We clean your rugs according to our special cleaning process. We start with a complete inspection of your piece to identify all messes then determine the most appropriate method.

After the inspection, we dust the rug at our off-site cleaning facility. Dusting removes all surface and embedded messes. We then submerge your rug completely in water and organic, non-toxic green cleaning products.

Once completely washed and rinsed, we leave your rug to dry in a temperature and humidity controlled room. Before we return your clean rug, we give it a professional grooming.

For Your Satisfaction

At Persian Rug Cleaning of Manhattan, we work to achieve your complete satisfaction. When you book a rug cleaning service, you receive a 30 day, 100% guarantee on the service. If for some reason we fail to meet your expectations, we re-do the job as soon as possible.

For the best Persian rug cleaning service in Manhattan, call us. We love your rug as much as you do and deliver the best available clean.