Persian Rug Restoration

Back to Original Beauty with Persian Rug Cleaning

At Persian Rug Cleaning, we provide you with the best possible Persian rug restoration in Manhattan. We bring your damaged, faded and tired gem back to its original quality and brilliance.

Our team of highly trained and experienced exerts treat your valuable Persian rug the care and attention it deserves. We use only all natural, high quality materials when performing our restoration service.

Trust Persian Rug Cleaning with the restoration of your fine rug. For us, Persian rug restoration represents a labor of love.

True Artistry, Persian Rug Care Traditions

Even the most basic use and exposure lead to damages that depreciate the look and quality of your rug. When you want a return to original look and quality of your rug, you need a complete rug restoration service.

Our service relies on the skill and artistry of our Persian rug restoration Manhattan team. Our experts come backed with year of experience in traditional Persian weaving and dying. They use both traditional methodology and modern technology to completely restore your rug.

All Restoration Services Provided

We perform all our restorations by hand using only the best quality materials. We provide the following services:

  • Re-fringing
  • Reweaving
  • Pattern & design restoration
  • Complete color restoration
  • And more

We finish our restorations with a complete rug cleaning. This professional clean removes all soils and excess dyes. It also seals in the services and protects your newly restored rug.

So when you need a returned brilliance and quality to your valuable piece, call us for the best possible Persian rug restoration in Manhattan.